"Many of the routine physical activities which earlier Americans took for granted are no longer part of our daily life. A single look at the packed parking lot of the average high school will tell us what has happened to the traditional hike to school that helped to build young bodies. The television set, the movies and the myriad conveniences and distractions of modern life all lure our young people away from the strenuous physical activity that is the basis of fitness in youth and in later life."-John F. Kennedy

We believe that families that exercise together create a foundation of success for the future.  Unlike most gyms, we encourage kids under 14 to join us.  Being able to workout with family will strengthen bonds and create knowledge going forward.

All workouts are personalized and designed to help each family member reach their highest potential.

  • 2012 Skokie Park District-Exceptional Service Award for work in youth and family fitness
  • ProActive Kids Program Coordinator-2014 to 2016
  • Chicago Public Schools K-12 Physical Education Teacher