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My name is Tom Strossner. Jon is very sincere about his efforts in the proper way to train one so they receive the maximum not only in strength training but keeping ones core aligned so your body performs more efficiently. I lost 9 lbs and toned some muscles while adding some also. I was able to so far lose some inches from my waist and hips. He has all the stats that he took last night. Being 67 he adapted a workout that was suited for me, not just a generic one fits all kind of workout. If I didn't understand a procedure he would demonstrate how to do it so I would do it properly. After each session he had me stretch out making known the importance of that.  He is an ardent task master and kept me hustling each session, sometimes I would do 3 sets in the hour, while making sure I was fine so as not to injure myself. Jon has a great personality and shared that with me with his stories while I was working out. It seemed to make the hour go faster. 

I believe Jon is a great asset in helping people to achieve their goals in fitness.

Tom Strossner, Air Force Veteran

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Paula's Testimonial

Jon Kahney is a wonderful trainer.  When we first started together, I was barely able to make it up one flight of stairs.  This summer (2017) I was able to make it up over 400 stairs in Italy.  Since working with him, I have been able to lose over 40 pounds.

Richard's Testimonial

I like working with Jon.  At my age (95), it's important to stay active.  I've always felt good, but working with Jon the last two years has boosted my strength and confidence. I like having his son, Lincoln, as my workout partner.