Jon Kahney has been my trainer for many years.  Jon was a major factor in helping me to reach my goals of losing weight and becoming more physically fit. I lost over 40 pounds and as my son said, “Mom, you’ve got guns!" He is a fantastic trainer.

When I first went to him I could hardly walk up and down stairs due to arthritis in my knees. I was told I had to have knee surgery. I didn't want to go through the surgery until the summer. Because of working with Jon I had no problem waiting I was able to tackle the stairs with much less discomfort. I continued with Jon after my knee surgery and my doctor couldn't believe the range of motion I had, and still have, in my knees. He helped me go from hardly being able to climb one flight of stairs to climbing up over 400 steps in Florence, Italy.  Also, I feel great!

I'm very happy that Jon decided to open Mount Prospect Family Fitness. Jon is fantastic and very supportive. He has helped me become committed to taking care of myself. I feel and look better. If you are looking for a place where you can improve and enjoy yourself at the same time try Mount Prospect Family Fitness, you won't regret it.

Paula, Skokie, IL

I've always been active.  I played tennis into my mid-80's.  I like to keep moving.  Working with Jon has helped do this.  His son Lincoln and I have become buddies and workout partners.

-Richard, Park Ridge, IL

Scott testimonial.jpg

I have been working out with Jon since September of 2014.   My flexibility is better and no longer experience back pain.  Jon is knowledgeable, passionate and now a great friend.  I appreciate that Jon gives back to the community through Lion's Club and to our veterans thru AllenForce’s  Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies program, which I am a proud supporter.

-Scott, Park Ridge, IL

Dave LJK pulldown.jpg

I have been working with Jon Kahney since I had back surgery in 2012. I had a bulging disc in my lower back and wanted to ensure that the problem would not recur. Jon has been great in understanding my needs and developing workout plans to address them. I feel so much better and I am doing lots of things that I had been avoiding - golf for one:).

Jon has the knowledge and experience to develop a successful exercise program for any situation. He listens to you and makes adjustments as needed. I would strongly recommend that you give Jon and Mount Prospect Family Fitness a try.

-Dave, Park Ridge, IL

Sharon KB Snatcg.jpg

I started training with Jon in 2012 due to some health concerns. I was overweight, out of shape, and ill. I am still working on nutrition and weight issues, but I am in much better shape, feeling stronger, in better health and having no joint pain. I can do things now that I couldn't have dreamed of doing when this adventure started!

Mount Prospect Family Fitness is a great place to bring your family to work out or for solo training sessions. Jon pushes me to improve my balance, strength and endurance. I consider him to be both a mentor and a good friend. He is particularly good at figuring out how to encourage reaching for more without taking unnecessary risks or incurring an injury. He specializes in Youth Fitness, but he is very good at working with older clients too.

Come check out Mount Prospect Family Fitness. You deserve to take care of yourself, set a good example for your kids, and start feeling great. I whole heartedly recommend it.

Sharon, Park Ridge, IL