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Proud host of the Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies Program

Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies

Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies is a trademarked program of AllenForce implemented by licensed fitness centers throughout the country that is offered free of charge to qualified veterans. Each facility and fitness professional complete specific training on veteran culture, PTSD, MST, injuries and illness specific to veterans and adaptive equipment. This program provides veterans:

  • Two, one year memberships (veteran and chosen “PT PARTNER”)-promotes healthy fitness habits and is a positive outlet for stress relief.
  • Up to 15 personal training sessions with a qualified Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies professional.
  • Monthly networking opportunities-provide mentoring, peer support, connecting with other veteran organizations, adapted sport experiences

Upon completion of the Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies program, Mount Prospect Family Fitness offers 40% reduced training fees for All Veterans All Eras and an additional 50% for family members of veterans. 

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My name is Tom Strossner. I finished my 15 sessions with Jon for HMHB. Jon is very sincere about his efforts in the proper way to train one so they receive the maximum not only in strength training but keeping ones core aligned so your body performs more efficiently. I lost 9 lbs and toned some muscles while adding some also. I was able to so far lose some inches from my waist and hips. He has all the stats that he took last night. Being 67 he adapted a workout that was suited for me, not just a generic one fits all kind of workout. If I didn't understand a procedure he would demonstrate how to do it so I would do it properly. After each session he had me stretch out making known the importance of that.  He is an ardent task master and kept me hustling each session, sometimes I would do 3 sets in the hour, while making sure I was fine so as not to injure myself. Jon has a great personality and shared that with me with his stories while I was working out. It seemed to make the hour go faster. 

Saying all this leads me to tell you that I believe Jon is a great asset helping people to achieve their goals in fitness.

Tom Strossner, Air Force Veteran




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Dear Jon,
This letter is to thank you and express my sincere appreciation for the professional physical training you provided me and my battle buddy.

You will never know how much I appreciated your dedication and unwavering concern and support to provide this program to me, especially since I was turned away from the program through a local Park District without any regard of my Veteran Status.

As a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps, I have done my best to keep physically active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. However as I’ve gotten older and having Multiple Sclerosis it has become more difficult to do so. Your program helped me to find new ways to continue my quest to keep physically active and learn new ways to work out.

You are to be commended on a job well done and a program that has started me back on my way to obtaining a healthy mind, body and soul.  Thank you.

Judith Ruiz

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I think that the Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies Program came into my exercise and mental well being life at just the right time. I had just completed a three hundred mile pre half marathon program build up and then the event came up and I had to drop down to a 5k event being I was a first time half  marathon guy and because the temperature was to be 90 degrees plus by race mid day. I completed the 5k and as Fall arrived my thoughts turned to inside activities. At this point I was introduced by you to the Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies Program. The stretching and bending with of with and without weights along with riding a bike at the Mt. Prospect Park District Center on Central Ave were just the right mix for me. Thank you for your involvement in the program and for helping the Vets. I will do more walking out side this summer and will use the winter Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies Program as a bridge to my spring, summer and fall walks.

Jim Ipsen, US Navy